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The Camberley Chiropractic Clinic's Doctors of Chiropractic are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle and joint conditions. The majority of the Clinic's treatments are to the low back, neck and shoulders. Also, our Doctors of Chiropractic have taken extensive post graduate educationfor painful conditions of the upper and lower limbs (i.e. Frozen Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot (planter fasciitis).

All of our Doctors of Chiropractic utilize the most recent taping technologies that assist in the early repair of painful soft tissue (ligament and muscle) injuries. These taping methods include Athletic, Kinesio and Rock Taping kinesiotaping.co.uk/news. They are all actively involved in instructing patients with their work/home posture and ergonomics which we strongly believe assists in maintaining patient improvement and to reduce the risk of further recurrence.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic plan a customised 3 stages of care programme for our patients.

Phase 1: To reduce pain and increase movement

Phase 2: To strengthen and stabilise for long term wellness

Phase 3: After optimal improvement has been achieved, regular chiropractic check-ups are recommended to maintain the improvement in spinal function and to prevent recurrence of the cause of the original problems.

Included with each patients 3 stage treatment program is a Free Health Class. This is a 40 minute evening (7.30 - 8.10pm) course that teaches each patient how to care for their health so that their painful condition does not return.

All of our Doctors of Chiropractic actively pursue post-graduate education that focuses on improved patient care and we are an award winning clinic holding the PPQM award for Patient Partnership Quality Mark.

James Everett - Doctor of Chiropractic:

James Everett (Doctor of Chiropractic) was born in Surrey and graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth with a Masters degree in Chiropractic. It was James Everett's rugby injury, and subsequent experience with Chiropractic Care, that provided the catalyst for him to pursue a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

James Everett became the owner of Camberley Chiropractic Clinic in 2015 having been an associate since 2009. Alongside his work within the clinic he has been chiropractor to the first team at QPR and Oxford United Football Club as well as having experience treating the GB athletes at the Masters Athletics Competitions both in the UK and in Europe.

James Everett is an internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, and a member of the Royal College of Chiropractors Sports and Exercise Faculty. At present James Everett is studying for a post - graduate Masters in sports and rehabilitation.

An area of special interest to James Everett is how the feet can cause pain and dysfunction further up the body. He regularly uses a gait scanner unit, www.rightstride.com which is a metre long platform that can accurately assess a patient during walking. This information coupled with the physical examination findings allows custom orthotics to be moulded, which can help with heel, knee, hip and even low back pain.

Outside of chiropractic, he enjoys sports, (mainly weight lifting), keeping fit and agility training with his dog Jake.

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Prab Chandhok - Doctor of Chiropractic:

Prab Chandhok (Doctor of Chiropractic) was born in South-West London and graduated in 2001 from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth with a Masters degree and awarded the Doctor of Chiropractic. He joined the Camberley Chiropractic Clinic in 2004 after practicing in London.

Prab is an internationally certified chiropractic sports practitioner and has worked with a variety of athletes and sporting injuries in all age groups. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC), a committee member of their Sport and Exercise Faculty and was honoured to have been selected to serve on the medical team as a chiropractor for the London 2012 Olympic Games. He thoroughly enjoyed providing care to some of the best athletes from around the world as part of the historic, landmark team of chiropractors to first officially serve at a summer Olympics.

He is certified in chiropractic care during pregnancy and in paediatrics and also trained in Western form of acupuncture/dry needling for musculoskeletal pain. He has been elected as a council member for the British Chiropractic Association and is an advisory committee member for the Chiropractic Patients Association. In his spare time, Prab enjoys flying gliders and scuba diving when possible.

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Grant Munro – Doctor of Chiropractic

Grant worked as a scaffolder after completing his A-levels, and was introduced to chiropractic after sporting and work related injuries. Impressed with the effective results, Grant decided to enrol with the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic; graduating with a distinction and awards for both Clinician and Graduate of the Year.

Since graduating he has completed numerous courses centred on finding and correcting a client's primary cause for complaint using an integrated approach with muscle testing, utilising Functional Range Release™ soft tissue systems and working towards becoming an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. Grant is also the only chiropractor in the UK utilising the Structural Joint Balancing system. "I really enjoy working with challenging cases - not only helping people out of pain but excelling in to better health and performance - which is why I'm really looking forward to working in a multi-disciplinary practice with James and the team at Camberley Chiropractic Clinic." Outside of work Grant enjoys being outdoors, live music, boxing and most recently playing golf (poorly!).

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New 6 week Pilates course starting on the 3rd of October.
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1 hour - Price £50

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Saturday 8:00am - 1:00pm

*Starting Saturday 19th September.

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We are very grateful to the many patients that have kindly written to us to express their thoughts on their experiences with the Camberley Chiropractic Clinic. We would like to thank them for their permission to reproduce these testimonials here about our chiropractors.

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Camberley Chiropractic Clinic supports a different local charity ever quarter and has raised over £10,000 since March 2007. For every new patient we see the clinic donates £5.00 to our chosen charity, as well as fund raising in the clinic with our patients support.

We are the Caring Chiropractor as our logo states and we like to care for our community as well as our patients.